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yummjilliachos's Journal

☆ JillyJazam ☆
5 April

Hi I am Jill. I live for the Boston Red Sox & I obviously live to hate the Yankees. I'm 20 years young & from Boston. I can be quite amusing & fun. I'd say I'm a great friend to have for my heart is always in the right place. I go to college to one day become a Math teacher. I wish I had gone for Fashion though for that's what I'm really passionate about. I write here as much as possible for only my enjoyment. If you wish to comment feel free but this space is used for my own good.

I've had my miracle at the age of 3 && lost him at the age of 17. I miss && love him more than anything. RIP Barney.♥ You're everything to me & forever you will always be. My cousin, my brother, my dog, my best friend.

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